Saturday, April 7, 2012

tie your own knot.

so here's the thing about weddings, i really don't enjoy them. it makes me wonder what the bride-to-be's thought process is when choosing her bridal party. not quite sure if you feel the same, but i would certainly think the people you do decide to choose are one's you can depend on and close enough to share the biggest day of your life with. in saying that, the love and support needs to be reciprocated both ways.

you couldn't even imagine how much time and money i have put into all these wedding preparations. so it's meant to be an honour to be given the 'bridesmaid' title, i am always thankful and humbled by the gesture. but where are those friends now? not even a simple text. go figure. even my friend's who live seas away from me have the time to message me from time to time (even draw me a portrait, by REN). 

now just because i am not tied down with a ring or kids, or don't study and work at the same time it doesn't mean i am not strapped for time. everyday after work, i go home to work on other people's projects and never do i ask for anything in return. i work weekends and any spare time i have, on these favours while trying to juggle my own design work. i put my all in each project i do for people, it's never a half-assed job, so when the clever designing is not appreciated and thrown back in my face don't expect me to be happy about it. i am not a free-for-all.

i hate weddings. do me a favour by not inviting me! 

end of rant.

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