Wednesday, April 25, 2012

friends of Maiden: Gin Francis.

Been fascinated with art pretty much all my life. Grew up with aspirations of becoming an animator and had a big passion for drawing. After high school, was very indecisive about going to uni so decided to just teach myself different things as long as it involved art: from dancing, visual arts, multimedia and now photography. Passion for photography stemmed from trying out an alternative way of portraying people as I felt that I was quite limited in doing so with drawing. Photography gave me much more freedom when it came to help convey my creative side and ideas.Took a chance and invested in my first camera end of 07. I love working with people, which is why my main focus is portraiture. I rarely use flash. I enjoy working with available light and always see it as a challenge in doing so.
My aim is to have my photos differ, yet at the same time still retain a certain style. I post process my work, with the goal of complimenting them rather than abusing them. 
 I always go by this saying from photographer Rodney Smith:
"choose photography for love rather than for fame, fortune and glory."

i met Gin through a shoot i styled for last year, which was used for Create Cosmetics online portfolio.
i chose him to join the circle of artists because his dark comic book style of photography intrigued me.
no professional training, just raw talent

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