Tuesday, April 10, 2012

half man half amazing.

LtoR|cosplay party hosted by Rhys|raw studio shoot with Serene Grace|Create Cosmetics event|first ever photo Rhys took of me (obviously without my knowledge)

[enter]: rhysVOTANO. of Upstair Studios[dexterity]: video and photography
[history]: me and Rhys go way back... back to the summer days of January 2011 (oh so long ago). no seriously, i feel like i've known Rhys for years! after the biggest let down of 2010, my best friend decided to 'open my eyes to the real world', so to speak. one of these occasions include a house party to celebrate the birthday of the man himself. i clearly remember my friend giving me a kind warning: "stay away from Rhys, he likes you arty type" haha. and we have not been able to part from each other since, artistically that is.
[curriculum vitae]: last year we brought you Tree Spirits, an idea that came about from branches turned antlers made by Rhys. we recently shared good times at last weeks Create Cosmetics launch night, and took some awesome shots of Alia Jane in an airforce blue Maiden maxi. click here to have a look see.

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