Wednesday, April 18, 2012

be my fan.

recent findings in today's technological era has lead me to questioning creativity, originality and substance. it has always amused me how people can 'charm' their way into getting a job, (often referred to b.s'ing). it's a talent i wish i possessed. but how much of me would i be willing to compromise?
the quality of a "clothing label" came up in conversation over the weekend and sparked a talk on internet savviness. this is where art becomes in conflict with business. a link to a new fashion/clubbing event was introduced to me recently, which i kindly declined. only because i have been in this situation once before. it is not a new concept, but one that could probably generate alot of cashflow for the first few weeks until they realise fashion and clubbing do not go hand in hand. someone wise (don't quite remember who) explained it to me once, and for this reason i have never taken part in these events.
1. unless your aesthetic is targeted at those who are big on the clubbing scene, you are probably not getting the right audience to view your work.

2. yes people go to clubs to be seen, but once you've had a few too many drinks and have gotten into each others pants your work is the last thing people are going to remember in the morning.
3. clubs are messy, especially if you are promoting exclusive one off pieces, you do not want to be anywhere near an accident waiting to happen.
4. and lastly, a club is a place for singles to mingle. clubbing has no place in fashion. 

the opening line, was that it was a place for creative minds alike to network and get their party on. the thing is, i don't actually think i am anything like them. and i don't do this to be 'different' from everyone else, i treat my designing as an art expression rather than a way to make means or get famous. if you want to socialise and network with actual artists, go visit a gallery, sit in on a short film, support independent labels by buying their stock and attend small gigs whenever you can. everywhere i look is a strategy for marketing. which is fine, if that's your motive. you can now buy yourselves 1000+ fans to 'like' your page on FB for goodness sake. now how about that! i commend those making money on their ideas, but sometimes the way people do it seems unnatural to me.   
so i leave you with this. where does your morals lie, in your art or in your pockets?

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