Saturday, April 14, 2012

save us.

killing time is a dangerous game. i always seem to spend, more than i save nowadays. i was walking around aimlessly last Thursday in Westfield when a halogen light framed fixture stopped me in my tracks. the first piece that caught my eye was a red felt skater skirt. i proceeded to go through the racks not really looking for anything in particular, when i found the perfect black mesh top i wanted to pair with my black velvet knicker shorts i ordered online! 

i went back to the skirt and asked the kind stall keeper if it came in black, i then asked her where the designer was based. lo and behold, the lady in the cute collared shift dress was the designer of the label sa/eus. i was so impressed by the workmanship from each piece, they were so beautifully sewn and well tailored. make sure to drop in and check out the "Everything, Nothing" AW12 collection when your next in town!

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