Tuesday, April 10, 2012

friends of maiden: Rhys Votano.

Rhys Votano is a video artist born in Sydney Australia. At the age of 18 he moved to London where he developed a strong passion for video and digital image. He returned to sydney to complete his bachelors in Screen Production and work on networking within the vibrant city. In 2008, he established his own small production house crafting videos for local artists and businesses. His documentaries have collected a few awards and music videos have aired on video hits top ten charts. This year, Rhys has returned to study his Masters of Film and Digital Image at Sydney College of the Arts and create more focused conceptual pieces.

i have been honoured to have styled for, worked with and learned from a handful of very talented photographers in the past six years.
Matt Lowden, Victoria Rika-Heke and Haitham Almaan to name drop a few. there's a general conception of photographers being egotistical and conceited, this is a fair assumption to a degree. but i have been so lucky to work alongside really humble and down to earth trigger happy artists.Rhys doesn't advertise himself as a photographer, because he is technically a videographer. but his captures are just a piece of art to me, he works with his subjects and lighting very cleverly. i enjoy Rhys because he respects my choice of models haha. and no, his camera is not broken. it's called 'ghosting' with a slow shutter speed :)

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