Monday, April 9, 2012

aishite imasu.

that means "i love you" in Japanese. my google sources tell me that it is very rare
that Japanese people use this expression. why that is, i will have to find out.

i got overly excited when i saw this pair during my walk through Ikea today. the guy rocking the black hoodie and elasticated balloon hem shorts had the most beautiful waved beach hair i had ever seen on a dude. you're used to seeing the well dressed couples out in coordinated outfits, but instead these two had matching blonde patches in their long weaves. Japanese people have an effortless cool style about them. i cannot wait to touch down in Tokyo later in the year! in the meantime, i've got to grow some balls so i can walk up to these kind of people and ask if i can take their photo. hopefully when this does happen, i will be able to provide you with better visuals...

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