Tuesday, December 9, 2008

vintage meets summer.

i return, with this for you.
here's the end result from hours of hacking at this dress. it looked soo hott on Jess, too bad she forgot to bring her heels. sexy and chic is all i can say!
t'was a busy day for me in the studio today, first i had a visit from my high school friend Glenda and her two beautiful rugrats. she happily left with two Maiden threads, (she just called me then to put the "kernel bow top" on hold for her!). then after, Thea & co. who came to pick up Tia's formal dress for tomorrow, the girl needs to be persuaded into getting higher heels (i hope Thea succeeds in her mission). and last but not least Jess came by to get her kaftan dress and also to model it for me.


flower girl said...

Hi !! you have a lovely blog =)

maie maie said...
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maie maie said...

thank you so much!

bluewasabi said...

looks awesome
very girly n soft :D