Tuesday, December 23, 2008

nature and the dead.

i really shouldn't be posting these up yet, because the real artist of the day (the photographer) hasn't released her photos yet. but i really want to share my happy snaps with you! i'll just post my fave ones okay? i can't wait to see Victoria's shots, her lighting will look magnificent, i just know it!

p.s Merry Christmas you creative/stylish/intelligent bunch of people!


vipgal said...

the photos look awesome! wow i wanna see victoria's shots as well! hehhee

ps. ho! ho! ho! merry late christmas and happy early new year!

julie xoxo

maie maie said...

hehehehe same to you julie!
i hope we get to work with each other again in 2009.

Stompface said...

oh my! these are absolute beauty!!