Thursday, December 18, 2008

end of season sale.

size small. was $40 now $20.
size s/m. was $55 now $35.
size s/m. was $40 now $20.
one size. was $35 now $15.
size small. was $45 now $30.

here's your last chance to grab a Maiden original at a discounted price. first in, first serve - don't forget there is only one of each style.


Ebony said...

Hi. I really like the look of the dress featured in the first pic, on sale for $20. How do I attempt to order it from you? Also I love your design of the harem pants featured earlier - is there any way I would be able to get something like them??

maie maie said...

Hi Ebony!
good and bad news. that dress had just been taken unfortunately.
but i will be making those harem pants on my return from my holiday in Feb. you can make an order for one now if you like.
just email me measurements of your hips, or just a simple s/m/l.
my addy is
are you located in Australia? hope you check back soon. x