Monday, December 15, 2008

prepping up.

i've got another photoshoot coming up this Sunday *hooray* i love a good day out styling and taking pics with a team of beautiful girls! i'm teaming up with Rika-Heke Photography once again, she is so great to work with! here are a couple of sketches of styling i have in mind, need to get back in the studio after this to create them.


Victoria said...

Whoo!! I'm really looking forward to it too :)

Love the sketches Maie, this is gonna look hot!!


Tereza said...

I am looking forward to it as well!
really like the sketches, good job!

see u on sunday

Tereza (model - model mayhem)

maie maie said...

oh cool! i got both of you lovelies to look at this!! yes it will be a magnificent photoshoot with all our powers combined! hopefully mother nature holds up her part of the deal! X