Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i found my inspiration...

in the form of Canadian supermodel Jessica Stam.
i have seen this face a million times before in my magazines, on the television and even on Dior advertisements at the mall (this word sounds so much more classy than 'my local shopping centre'). i didn't know her name until last week when i tried googling 'D&G models' or something along the lines of 'cute - skinny - blonde model', which doesn't really narrow it down to much but her face appeared on the first page along with her bff Lily Donaldson and our own Gemma Ward. i think Stam is a doll! these photographs are gorgeous, who said too much lighting can ruin a photo?


See Me Everywhere said...

love it!
overexposed is the way of the future :P

vipgal said...

ooooooohhh i'm loving the look of the photos!! it's like rays of softly diffused light shing through

jessica stam is succh a versatile model gotta love her!

julie xoxo

maie maie said...

hi julie!!!