Monday, November 17, 2008

proven guilty.

getting stock ready to ship off to NZ. i hope they love it. i put so much love into packaging these things, it takes me hours. i need to get proper neck tags made, anyone have contacts?


laurensplaypen said...

I love your designs. You put so much thought into things even with boxing items ... that's good trying to get tips from your blog. Did you find neck tag maker?. Woven labels are so pricey. Try They do woven and printed labels. Their pricing is not bad and they are reliable. Worth a look.

maie maie said...

thank you!
yes i did make enquiries with them actually, i was happy with the price he quoted me, but then realised he quoted me for swing tags n not neck tags so i didn't bother. i might have a look around for manufacturers in the Phils when i go over there in Jan.