Tuesday, November 18, 2008

all hail Elbaz.

most of you wouldn't know it, but i'm not really one of those fashionistas who follow trends and talk designer wear every twenty seconds. i probably can't even name ten if i had to, okay maybe i'm exaggerating, but what i'm trying to say is i really don't follow the catwalk much. but i've been so inspired by the Lanvin fashion house since I was introduced to the purple faille ruffle dress earlier this year. like my love for the art noveau era, i love the use of sinuous lines and the fluidity of the fabric. only recently did i find out who was behind these beautiful clothing. Alber Elbaz... you're my hero! he's a cute little dumpling isn't he?


seralouise said...

im the same i dont blog about catwalk much either. but i do love these shapes , and i keep seeing them popping up on the high street although its difficult to fing one to suit ur body shape... il keep looking though ! x

katiecrackernuts said...

Lanvin. Oh yes please. I love that the house dates back as far as it does and that mother and child logo that's still used on the Arpege perfume, isn't it wonderful? I wish I could wear that scent, but it smells all old and musty on me.

maie maie said...

i haven't actually ever come across Lanvin perfume. but i do love the history of Jeanne Lanvin,
I think because the designs are full and bubbley it makes curvy people look bigger than they really are. i guess that's why these models are used. i wish i could afford one of these pieces one day =)