Saturday, November 29, 2008

if the shoe fits.

i'm already quite excited about Autumn & Winter coming up, although we have been getting cold stormy days this Summer. i'm at home bored on a Saturday night with nothing to do, so i decided to go blog hopping - i've been really inspired by some girls from abroad, both such great styles. i'm in search of these Dr. Marten's that were on sale at Dangerfield in Melbourne when i went down there last October, i knew i should have bought them! but i went on the website and saw other potential buys. and guess what i came across... Aaliyah docs! i just might have to get them! i originally was looking at the pair of Chloe shoes, then i found them in high boots. neither of these are the ones i saw in Melbourne, but i like them all! can i have them all please Santa?...

my black Docs i bought about five years ago are still in pretty good condition, they are quite heavy for my little ankles but i love them so much. i wish i could wear them out to clubs without getting looked at weird by underdressed hoochies :s

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