Sunday, March 7, 2010

dusty pink and shirring.

  i took out my needle and thread and made
some kind of sea urchin like dress...
i was asked to make a bridesmaid dress for a wedding at the end
of this month, something like the pink dress i made awhile back.
i think this one turned out heaps nicer! i've never really beaded
before so please don't mind the amateur attempt.
why people always chose pink for the bridal party, i do not know?
get creative people! c'mon, i'm running out of pink thread hehehe.

1 comment:

Michelle Elaine said...

You've got skills! And when you said urchin - I was imagining something like Drew Barrymore wore recently on a red carpet or Gaga-esque. I get it though, cause of the texture, still totally gorgeous.