Monday, March 29, 2010

runway ready?

Vania Emily thought i should enter a fashion competition, and so i said "yes. yes i should!" i still have to apply to actually get into the event. so fingers crossed with these two looks i whipped up in the past week or so. i had a look at last years contestants, and i'm sure these don't quite fit in, but i tried my hardest to come up with something very quick. hopefully they make it through. 
also i had an interview this morning with Nicky Zimmermann for a junior design assistant role. very intimidating meeting with the actual founder of the label. i showed her my "When Two Worlds Collide" assignment, and she thought my work was too dark and sad, so she was quite surprised when i said i like to work with floral prints. "too dark and sad", she might have also used the word moody? why i apply for these chic feminine fashion houses? i do not know. my work is obviously not fitting, but i can do sophisticated, watch me. i have to present a summer collection due at the end of Easter. tune in to see how that goes. so when's the end of Easter again?...

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