Monday, March 25, 2013

swag is for boys. class is for men.

...and i could not agree more with that statement. 

there's this pilgrimage that happens twice a year in the fashion capital city of Florence, where the masses of stylish men flock to view the latest menswear collections, gadgets and gear. they call it Pitti Uomo. i have a huge appreciation for menswear, both street and formal, hence my 3:2 ratio of women's and men's clothing in my wardrobe. the craftsmanship is next to nothing when it comes to tailoring and detail with men's fashion. it's a well composed combination of structure, colour, texture, functionality, modernism and tradition. i'd easily choose to witness this trade show over a Celine parade any day. bucketlisted.

photo credits: I'M KOO, Becaria De La Moda, The Sartorialist.

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