Sunday, March 17, 2013

a decade under the influence.

photography by Raelene Baget of RnR productions
styling & art direction by Maie Dionisio

the obsession i have with photographs is slightly similar to the one i have with people. i hoard them and won’t let them go until i decide they are not worth the space in my box. 

the title of this post suggests the time i have invested in building my signature style and direction. one that i have developed from personal interests and experiences. style is objective just like everything else that is put forth to the public eye for critique and scrutiny. i appreciate clever photography and digital manipulation because if you actually think about it, it’s really just a still image of someone’s dream or nightmare. i’d like to make clear that i don’t live and breath fashion. i hate who it speaks to, the vein and materialistic. but art; it ‘is the application of human skill and imagination’. it is not there to be liked or judged. it is one’s comprehension or misconception of the subject matter. and for people to say that they ‘do not understand art’, is like saying they have no conscious of anything other than what this consumed world feeds us. these photos were taken by one of my dearest friends whom i have known since we were nine. and today she turns twenty-eight. this is one friendship i'm archiving for a lifetime.

i’ll end this post with a line from What Dreams May Come: 

“thought is real. physical is the illusion…”

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