Friday, March 1, 2013

science and progress.

people find it unfortunate that i still haven't found 'the one'. but why?
i find all the qualities i want in a guy in the men i keep in my life. my friend writes:

...i know you still think alot of ----. in my defence you know that i love you to the moon and back, like literally a sister.
i would cut my skin off for you if needed, and because of this i'm not his biggest fan. i feel like this is mostly because if i were a heterosexual male (god forbid, i'd only be half as chic) i would wrap you up in Yamamoto and never let you go, (i realise this statement makes me gayer than ever). your relationship was serious and your dedication to it was incredibly admirable, and is now something i try to emulate in my own stupid relationship. i just want you to be treated by a boy as well as the energy you put out in to the world. deep down i can be a stupid boy and boys are mostly shit.
i hope you can forgive me. Aaliyah.
i love that my friends include my most favourite things in apology notes. morbid gestures, Yohji and babygirl.
this message feels as sincere and humbling as the time a boy shouted out "hey girl in the camo, 
do you have a boyfriend? if you do i hope he treats you well!", after stepping out of a club in my Dickies.
oh the glory days. 

a wizard, a cat and an honorary English man. they're not here at the moment. and i miss them. that is all :)

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