Sunday, December 30, 2012

art, the life we chose.

i began 2012 with my annual trip back to Manila, where i met a couple of strange looking designers dressed in all black. then and there i knew the year would bring me to different corners of the world where i would keep crossing paths with such creative and interesting creatures. this is just a post to toast those who have played a huge part in my life, personally and creatively. i've always been considered the 'weird' one in my social groups, and now i have grown close to a handful of other dreamers i can be weird with! each of you should know who you are and know the impact you have had on me this past year. so this is my thank you for 2012. 

this year more than any year, i have felt the passing of time and social age gaps. so i’ve decided that the new year will welcome a shift in Maiden Threads. enter: ABSENCE OFCOLOUR: curated by Maiden. this new project is basically a continuation of the Friends of Maiden exhibition we held mid this year. where i collated things of interest to share with like minded individuals, enthusiasts, artists, designers and creative’s. it will be much like a visual diary of progression for the rebirth of a more refined label, not just of clothing but a lifestyle. through Maiden i was able to somewhat educate people about their unseen surroundings regarding the industry and art scene, and through AOC i want to showcase a collection of design elements, techniques and concepts that undermines the traditional way of perceiving objects.

i will still run the Maiden Threads blog, as it will just act as a personal blog. but i am looking to push this concept further than i did with Maiden, as i feel it is critical to go back to the roots of design and craftsmanship to broaden the understanding of art itself.

so Maidens, it is completely your decision whether you follow us into our next chapter with
[ABSENCE OF COLOUR]. we will hopefully see you in the new year for exciting projects and events!
m a i e :)xx 

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