Wednesday, January 9, 2013

this is why we hate you.

so there’s this fashion blog which has been the main subject of conversation at work for the past 2 weeks. just a quick rundown of what the blog is about: two Sydney ‘fashion bloggers’ who easily between the two have accumulated over 25k followers on their blog and instagram accounts. i, being one of them. but not anymore, and this is why…

not for the fact that either actually have style judging from the amount of #ootd #selfie pictures they take, nor is it because they claim to purchase and name drop designer labels making people think they live the oh so envious ‘fashionista’ life, but because of this… one of the ladies had just uploaded a shot of her new calling cards with the title ‘EDITOR’ under her infamous name. and if you know me personally, you’d know that i am not one to be easily annoyed or frustrated. but this post just took the piss out of what it means to be a creator of something worth a ‘like’. and so i commented with these words:

"ok, so i follow your blog and instagram as a fellow fashion enthusiast. but ‘editor’? of what? the real creative’s behind these pictures need to be credited. not just where you cut and paste jpegs from. please don’t reply with hate mail, i just feel very passionate about the art behind these pictures."
 and one minute later, the comment was deleted. not even a comeback? i would respect these girls if they actually made a story with the photos they post on their ‘daily delights’ or grabbed a proper camera to take shots of their outfits. in this day and age, it’s almost impossible to have ownership with what you upload online without watermarking all your work. this “editor” just printed a stack of business cards with a collage of editorials that she did not photograph, style or EDIT.  and she gave herself the title of editor, go figure. mind you they have been photographed for Vogue online and had been part of an SDS campaign where she recreated/designed customers denim shorts with buttons and shit. let’s throw designer and stylist on the qualifications too shall we.

but in general, fashion blogs are becoming a joke! flashing designer gear DOES NOT make you stylish nor does it make you some kind of fashion icon. you ARE NOT Moss, Slimane or Centenera!! (unless you really are and happen to be reading this). do your research on the history and aesthetics of these fashion houses you like sooo have to have for next season and upload on instagram, before you hashtag the shit out of your keyboards.

the end. like my post or i will defriend or block you.

p.s all you hipsters repping Tupac slogans, this shirt is for you. 

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Olivia said...

Well said!