Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wang joins a weird trip.

i woke up to updates yesterday with Alexander Wang's face photoshopped on Balenciaga's Join A Weird Trip print tee. and with that i thought to myself, the kid has made it big time! i wanted to post my initial reaction to this yesterday but thought, i 'm not those fashion bloggers who post themselves sporting the latest collections so who was i to blog about my opinion on this. but after someone who i had became friends with through my design work messaged me last night asking what i thought about this big industry move, i said, fuck it i'm gonna tell you what i think anyway...

i got hooked on the Balenciaga aesthetic ever since it's Fall 2007 collection which saw the popularism of the jodhpurs and sports jacket. and after learning a bit more of the fashion house's history on my visit to the Cristobal Balenciaga exhibition in Paris and watching a documentary on the rise of a star, Alexander Wang on the flight to Europe, i base my opinion on this. 
i love Alexander Wang, his style and work was one of those that got me intrigued about runway fashion. to have had only been in the industry for just over 5 years and now set to be the successor for Balenciaga is a testament to this designers talent. but a part of me feels that he needs a few more years under his belt to be 'running the show'. Cristobal Balenciaga was known for his intricate embroidery and atypical silhouettes by broadening the shoulders and losing the waist, fashion forward beyond his years. as Wang's aesthetic is young and very much sportswear with the 'just rolled out of bed' attitude. in saying that, under the reigns of Nicolas Ghesquirre the design house has acquired a biker edge with its recent collections.

only time will tell the outcome of this massive move. all eyes are definitely on this young designer's every step. and i for one anticipate the trappings of his success.

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