Wednesday, September 26, 2012

since i made it here, i can make it anywhere.

 Starbucks | yellow cab | New York Fuckin City | Brooklyn skyline | 
pigs | blood | Gotye at Radio City Hall.

New York is a thriving city for anybody who wants to be somebody. the bright, flashing lights illuminating the overly crowded streets gave me a keyhole perspective into a stranger’s life. one that i could possibly see myself living. 
NYC has been the more festive leg of the trip, which i had initially had hoped for. avenue after avenue, drink after drink, and one artery clogging meal after another, this stay has been nothing but typical. ‘buffalo’ is the game, and messed up is how you come out of it. 

enjoying our last few hours in the Big Apple at the beautiful NY Public Library after our Starbucks hit. i think my friend is more than ready to head off to the next city. you need a strong backbone to survive living here. mine is still a little wobbly so i will need to toughen up on my return.

next stop San Francisco...

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