Saturday, September 22, 2012

Get the London look.

LFW Somerset | Christopher Ciccone shoe launch | Big Ben | side alley instagraming | house party |
Jefferson Hack and Rankin, Dazed & Confused exhibition.

just about to leave London town. it’s been a busy 8 day stay. there was a lot more to see here, fashion wise, compared to Paris. the British men were pristine, while the teens exuded a very punk culture. a lot of different characters to see out on the streets and interesting conversations to eavesdrop on in the tube.

department stores are amazing here, especially Harrods, Liberty and Selfridge, and not to mention the Topshop/Topman flagship store. it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to visual merchandising and styling. i had a lot to learn. 
visited a lot of modern museums. had some good times over lobster and drinks with some old friends from back then, as well as meeting a bunch of interesting creative people who are now part of my networking circle.

in the meantime, our flight out to Geneva is delayed and we will probably most certainly miss our connecting flight to NY. sucks to be us right now.


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