Saturday, September 1, 2012

catching the dreamers disease.

i wrote out a list in my head as to what i wanted out of this year. one by one i’m crossing it off, and bit by bit i’m adding to it. if you have read any of my past posts or know me personally, you would know what this particular date marks. i dread this time of year, but this September it’s all going to change. life has definitely been altered in the past two years, so this post is dedicated to every single person that has had some kind of influence on me and my big dreams. still learning to let go of things that hold me back, but i’m hoping this trip will help me break bad habits. in all honesty, i’m scared shitless and i’m still unsure about things i want to do when on the other side of the earth. i guess we’ll just play it by ear and make the most of each situation. friends, please don’t worry about me, i’m in charge and take responsibility for all my actions. this is about me, not him. no need to hold anything against the ones who have treated me less than i deserve in the past. i have a greater ability to love than i do to despise them. i’ll let go when i’m ready. 
so i open my sketchbook to a new page and re-focus my lenses on a world waiting for me and my friend Machi. i’m stamping the world like i said i would. first stop Tokyo.

maie xx 

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