Wednesday, May 23, 2012

friends of maiden: OS Accessories.

OS, a street accessory brand by multidisciplinary creatives AJ Omandac and Paul Jatayna in Manila, Philippines, revolves around the versatility of polyurethane bone reproduction as accessories. Raw and edgy, OS produces painstakingly handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, harnesses, and caps that are completely wearable -- giving your personal style some teeth.

not quite sure how i came across this label, but i'm crazy grateful that i did. not only do i own some bone pieces in my family of suicide wristwear, but i got the chance to meet and dine with the kids behind the wicked label back in February on my visit to the homeland.
what was meant to be a quick trade turned into an unexpectedly fun night over sushi and endless conversation! naturally, i cliqued with these two guys straight away. i honestly, for the first time in my life felt like i belonged and didn't feel self conscious. we all got to know each other pretty well in a course of a few hours. they've only been at it for a year or so, and they're already spreading their osseous matter crazily over in Japan! i adore these two for their humbleness, off-centred nature, their love of black and daringness to dream big! here's how they came about...

insert title here | OS designer (& founder)    
age | 22, 26

how did the both of you come together to create OS?
[AJ & Paul]: A trip to Baguio. We were walking along Session Road when we saw a snake spine - real one. We tried to wear it & wrap it around a regular Topman metal chain necklace & surprisingly it looked so good.

what were your inspirations behind this bone collection?
[AJ & Paul]: Initially we wanted to combine metal & bones. Now we want to experiment with combining bones with leather, or acid, or whatever that looks good with it.

what have been your biggest achievements to date?
[Paul]: I finally created my own fashion brand!
[AJ]: Creating something that moves (sells!) haha. A brand that we (I) totally believe in and could represent Philippine creativity.

describe your "style".
[Paul]: I get inspired with anything 90's. I love the music, the fashion, the culture...[AJ]: I don't think I have a personal fashion style. Maybe in design or art I like natural, organic & something macabre.

were you outcasts in school?
[Paul]: Very much but I always hung out with other "outcasts" so I don't feel alone.
[AJ]: Yes! I was the fattest kid in school haha! And back then I was in the closet, so that probably outcasted me more.

FASHION is...[Paul]: more fun now because kids like me are into trying to create something new.[AJ]: a lifestyle, not just clothes & fashion accessories.

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