Monday, May 14, 2012

at twenty-seven.

there seems to be alot more pressure and expectations come this age. and naturally with that, opinions and questioning about where your life is going. i'll tell you where it's going, far from where you or i ever thought it would go... at 27, i'm not living to work. i now don't mind the sun. i live in and out of backpacks most weekends. i've found little creative creatures to share my passion with. i'm out of my comfort zone. and more importantly, i know what i want and know what i don't need.
there's a growing trend of people living by catch phrases, every second status update is a cut and paste of a line once quoted by so and so. i, myself like to quote clever song lyrics every now and then. but perhaps instead of living day by day on hopes from a couple of sentences, you should go out and do something about whatever it is you're itching for. being surrounded by inspirational words is useless if you're not actually following through with it. because then, they're just words.

so here's what i'm going to do by the end of the year. display my art out there for all to see. inspire as much raw talents i can find through this blog. stamp the world. and compile life into one little book. and if this isn't enough for you, well take a look at where your life is going. i bet my baguette is looking real good to you right now.

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