Sunday, May 27, 2012

friends of maiden: Francisco Vernal.

 "Drawing is the only logical path for myself.
From when I scribbled it as a boy, till now and will continue to be.
This is a preview of what is to come from my minds eye."

out of all the artists in this show, Francisco would be the first one i crossed paths with (back in '97). but the thing is, i wasn't really aware of his talent until we re-met over a decade down the track. i have no idea what his piece for the exhibition looks like, so i'm crazy excited to finally see it in exactly a month's time. and it just so happens that it's my dear amigo's birthday today :) i adore this creature very much, for his energy, good company and positive guidance. he's like a wizard, a hippie, a nomad, and a giraffe all rolled into one. happy birthday my Chihiro!

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