Tuesday, May 30, 2017

the month of May.

 Images courtesy of Daniele Massacci.
Images courtesy of Gin Francis.

There's so many things and people to celebrate in the month of May. And this year I had the chance to dedicate a good three months to preparing the biggest Maie Bash to date. ENTER:MAIDEN, the follow up exhibition to our 2012 show Friends Of Maiden. And what a night it was. 

I can't really put it into words the feeling of what this night meant to me, I guess it was something that you just had to experience. From the ambience of the Muse building to the presence of each and every guest that attended. For me personally it was a night to give back to my friends and family, the people who have supported my creative journey and to welcome new followers to the dark yet beautiful world of Maiden. I find that as a creative people tend to doubt my leadership skills or question what I don't have written on paper. To that I challenge them to tell me I can't influence, inspire and motivate a room full of people. And I bet I can prove them all wrong.

Location | MUSE, Surry Hills

Photographers | Gin Francis, Sam Patterson & Daniele Massacci
Gallery Co-ordinators | Anthony Letch & Francisco Vernal
Styling Assistants | Suzi Meyer & Anna Clisdell
Hair & Make Up | Sonia Allen
Models | Brandy Pose & Alia Seror O'neill

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