Tuesday, January 24, 2017

introducing STILL.

With the growing trend of DIY party kits why do you need to hire a stylist for your next big event like your wedding? Because I believe there’s an actual art to it! Discount stores are now equipped with all the bells and whistles one would need to create a half decent spread but how many other occasions look exactly just like yours? Just look through your social media feeds and you will find the same stock pastel paper hanging decorations and hessian bunting flags that you had planned to drape on your walls. The market is saturated with cheap cookie cut designs and displays making your special occasion look like... well, just like everybody else's!

A common misconception is that having a stylist will burn a deep hole in your pockets. It doesn't have to, we can work around your budget. "We'll have to just make do with what we have for now". You (hopefully) only get married once, do it well and do it right. "But you're not a qualified florist?". As a designer I pride myself in what I present and have learnt the design principals of different industries and have used this to develop my own aesthetic. I don't believe a piece of paper proves what I am capable of creating. My qualifications are portrayed through my work, and it's at your discretion whether to hire me or not. As your wedding stylist I plan to get to know you and your relationship to draw inspiration from to help create the wedding of your dreams!

It's only been quite recently  that I made this decision to leave the rat race to finally try and start up my own event styling gig, a business that will allow me to utilise all my strengths and knowledge from my experience working in visual merchandising. I was also currently interning for a small business doing interior styling, and although I did not gain much more skills than I began with, it sparked something in me that motivated me to get back into my arts and all the things i used to love doing. I had very mixed emotions leaving my place of employment for the second time, but never will I regret my decision. They say that everyone is replaceable when working for a big corporation, which is sadly very true. But I loved what I did for a living and as far as I'm concerned no else is going to replace the passion and commitment I had for my position. Now I get to apply that to my own venture and direct it the way I envision it. So if you want to follow me through my next chapter head on over to Instagram and search for @still_bymaiden your support is always and has always been appreciated!

maie xx

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