Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the block party.

 everyone always warns you about the woes of living with a partner for the first time. let me speak about it under a different light...

Anthony crazily suggested we move in together very early into the relationship, and as excited as i was to say yes to the idea i was shitting myself. everything so far has come together fittingly due to perfect timing. as stressful as the process of house hunting and organising the end of lease at our previous residence was, we were offered two beautiful apartments which we both would've happily taken. but here we are nearly a month in at our new cosy one bedder. just like our amazing taste in junk food, our eye for interior decorating is complimenting. lucky, because playing house wouldn't have been much fun for neither of us.
more than anything in the world, this is the one thing i really wanted. him. he never disregards my crazy ideas, he runs with it. perhaps we'll have you over at Anthony and Maie's Pizza Parlour sometime, along with the company of our hyper-active cat (who you can take home with you if you like).

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