Monday, February 3, 2014

Vietnam bound.

so i'm here at the airport again, this time heading to the land of Pho. a bit lonely not having a travel buddy this time round but this will test my non existent navigation skills. i've done the 'self discovery' trip, this year it's strictly business. i've resorted to two backpacks with just essential clothing, my lap top, sketchbook and camera. i don't plan on buying anything but will hopefully bring home pieces of a new collection planned for a September launch. yup, another exhibition in the mix for 2014...

on another note, i've had a few friends texting me the day before my departure randomly checking in and i always feel like i don't manage my time well enough. it's just going to get busier on my return but i promise to try my best to catch you all! 

almost boarding, will check in soon. good times ahead!!! 

maie xxx

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