Sunday, June 2, 2013

only for the diligent.

i recall the time when it was no longer fitting to wear baggy jeans out clubbing. i also remember not giving a fuck about what was ‘socially acceptable’ to wear out in public. the ever growing trend of fashion blogging has somewhat destroyed the illusive world of fashion for me. it used to mean something to get accepted in a recognised fashion school to study the design principles among other enthusiasts and be taught by professionals in the industry. now all you need is a url and hey presto you are a certified style icon. here are my top 5 fashionista woes:

1. having mountains of clothes doesn’t measure how fashionable you are, i can guarantee you that a good amount of that wardrobe would not be accepted at Salvos.
2. designer wear is all the hype. half of you don’t even know why you spend thousands on a designer piece, other than the fact that it was featured on your instagram feed. high end fashion was once known for it’s impeccable detail, quality and exclusivity.
3. enhancing your body and saying it’s to boost your self confidence and then having the sudden urge to post provocative ‘model’ shots on the web AND THEN letting the world know you are unimpressed by the unwanted attention you get is just…confusing really. way to be humble.
4. throwing on all your mismatched clothing doesn’t make you eclectic. it just doesn’t.
5. and lastly, uploading shameless selfie pics (clothed or unclothed) with your iphone in the frame is not attractive. nor is it sexy.

this is not me being cocky, this is my developed thought process and evaluation of how quickly technology and society has advanced, or rather, misinformed the scope of fashionistas out there. dare to start a fashion blog, but please do have something different and informative to talk about.

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