Monday, July 30, 2012

so now i am owed this...

…one self indulgent tirade.

the countdown to another anticipated event of my year has well and truly begun. i don’t know what i’m most excited about. the craziness of the Japanese, the pristine style of London, the French men, or the lifestyle of the Yanks.

this trip was not designed for soul searching, but more for me to broaden my  spectrum and take advantage of this new outlook on life that has been introduced to me. i know a lot of people will be worried about my well being when i step out into the big bad world, and i love them for it. but i will be ok. i may be naïve, but i am more curious than anything. i will be doing all the things i loved doing here, but instead, out there where i am unrestricted and unknown to the world. with no pre-conceived opinions and expectations. i cannot promise that i will mingle with the locals, but i have every intent of capturing stills of the streets in every city i step into, drawing each line to perfection, scribbling thoughts that may or may not be written under the influence, and last but not least styling the shit out of each outfit i wear out! after all, i am only heading out to the fashion capitals of the world! i will absorb each culture and let the creative juices seep through my imperfect skin. where i will then regurgitate all that and plate it up for you in a form of a book and a new collection.

now on another note, which still has some relevance to this post. i have somewhat become an example of a ‘break up warhorse’ not sure why but it happened to be that way. i bring this up now because i am watching a sibling go through the stages. all i can say on this matter is, i don’t need anymore awesome ‘friendships’ with guys. i already have a great collection of friends. #fuckyourinsecurities

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