Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the darkest element.

today my colleague and i dressed a few mannequins on the young fashion level at work. the only briefing and direction we received from H.O was to go black and minimal. instinctively i had a big grin on my face. i started off with a black mesh bra and ended up with this, the “Widows” as we are now referring them to. as we were wheeling the mannequins onto the shop floor, one sales assistant commented, “omg that looks scary, she looks like a cancer patient” – enter// shit dumb girls say. rather horrified by the sight of my model, i turned around and replied “a burns victim actually!”. not to offend or mock anyone. but things that are not straight out of the ‘on trend’ catalogue is quickly scrutinised and categorised as ugly. especially here in Sydney where fashion is nothing more than a carbon copy of what the next person is wearing. think about this when you next step into your local hipster store, you are actually getting ‘styling tips’ from a 15 year old, with the kind flattering gesture of being called babe. real trendy at  the most.
but other than that one comment and several strange looks from children and elderly women, this has all been taken as a compliment. disturbing the public is more satisfying than giving the customers a traditional DJ’s store experience.

 on another note here are a few shots of my Ksubi window from a couple of months back. again, a look that i am completely comfortable with and enjoy styling. i dream of styling for these kids, or better yet, design for them. so Ksubi boys - get at me!

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Your neighbour said...

Dw, I totally get you. Everyone is 'sooooo trendy' these days. Do they not realise they are wearing exactly the same thing as everyone else?

By not trying to be trendy, you are actually being trendy hehe