Sunday, June 10, 2012

friends of maiden: Machiko Motoi.

where i am.
wehere i'm going.

"MACHIKOmotoi's first ceramic collection is an honest representation of the moment.
The pieces are left unfired exposing the raw material and leaving them in their fragile state.
A drop of water can soften the surface... they are incomplete, vulnerable and comically inconsistent.
This is the moment of her ceramic practise that is growing with passion and determination.

The paintings have been made with hope to compliment the ceramic pieces.

This is where she is. This is where she's going."

Machiko is a dear friend i met through work, back in 2010. i clearly remember wanting to be good friends with her because i believe that the Japs are one of the coolest beings on this planet! haha, true story. being in Machi's apartment feels like you've just stepped into her own personal gallery. and i love it. i admire this girl's passion for art, social skills, and the fact that she looks like Jane Lane from Daria. did i mention that i'm going on an inspirational trip with this girl? drawing, capturing and discovering the world in all its 'ugliness'. the perfect person to share this journey with. bring. it. on!!

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