Saturday, March 24, 2012

escuchar la cinta.

(that means "listen to the tape", i learnt it in year 8 Spanish class haha)

the older i get the more i observe other people's priorities and outlook on life. conversations between circle of friends have shifted from talks of our selfish wants and needs, to dreams and accomplishments. i sit and ponder from time to time about what my friends are up to and where in the world they are. it fills me with joy when i think of how far they've come. i don't measure they're success on they're bank accounts or how high up the hierarchy they are, but knowing they are truly happy doing what they love. they did not settle for what is comfortable, they're passion and perseverance got them there. if you've become so consumed with money and materialistic things, i don't have space for you in my backpack.

i say "life is weird", my friend says "life is beautiful". it's almost certainly what you make it to be. this little seagull represents life to me right now. he may look like he's walking around aimlessly, but look at that big smirk on his face... he's loving life and doesn't give a fuck what you think!

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