Sunday, December 11, 2011

close enough to start a war.

 and here's a toast to my last wedding for the year... until we have to do it all again in 2 months time. 
my first wedding gown project out of the way. now this doesn't mean i'm going to venture into bridal, it's actually the last thing i want to do. next year i plan to get back into my own designs again. an inspiration trip around the world may also be on the drawing board for 2012. 

check out the zine layout of this shoot here. don't mind the dark morbid mood of the pictures, it's all part of the 'art direction'. weddings are overrated.

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Rennan Dizon said...

maie maie! ahhh the wedding dress. nice bridal work, love your shoot for it. it makes me shiver! x