Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a hint of summer has come in perfect timing with the launch of our new Spring/Summer 2011 collection
 at David Jones. if it's not obvious enough, 'pop colour' is key trend for this season, a challenging but rewarding
 task for me to style seeing colour is non existent in my own wardrobe.
 there had been so much drama and politics behind the scenes of this window run, and i'll be the
 first to say that i'm glad it's all over... until we do it all again in a few weeks for Flower Show.


Fadz said...

I walked past these window displays on Wednesday night! I was loving the cosmetics window... Great work! They look great!

I must privately ask you about how all those window displays work and are planned, SO interesting...

maie maie said...

hahahah teynks Fadz!!!
next window run is going to be amazing!!