Friday, January 28, 2011

home grown talent.

my trip from the homeland brought me a huge realisation that Philippines can do high end AND couture! i was sitting at the salon reading Preview while i got my hair did, flicking through some designer profiles and there - was an image of a long legged model wearing black puckered leggings (which i had been looking for, for a couple of years) and a name i recognised from my blog post awhile back. insert name here: Norman Noriega and Kermit Tesoro. two very talented  young fashion designers making a massive boot mark in the industry. i was lucky enough to get in contact Noriega to grab a pair of those wicked leggings (which i haven't been able to wear yet due to this crazy Aussie weather, but come Autumn, it's on!). his style is reminiscent of Kirrily Johnston - but darker, which i adore. and as for Tesoro, he's one half of the genius duo who created those skull heels i uploaded in the 'killer heels + killer addiction' post. Kermit Tesoro and Leeroy New's garment construction is to die for, literally. so here's the plan: stock up on these way cool pieces next time i'm in the Pills!          

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