Monday, December 13, 2010

"we were bigger than anything...

if i could make a soundtrack for the past 5 years this is what would be on the track listing.
i have and will always have better taste in music than you, pop princess!

 Still Dre - Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
 Wanna Love you Girl - Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell
 It Blows My Mind - Snoop Dogg
it's the diabolical, chronicle, mythological, psychological, make a model hoe fuck a G
 Drop It Like It's Hot - Pharrell & Snoop Dogg
Colour Of Love - Boyz II Men
i know the colour of love, and it lives inside of you
i know the colour of truth, it's in the image of you
Try - Nelly Furtado  
and the more i cry, the more i cry 
as i say goodbye to the way of life 
i thought i had designed for me
Love Ballad - K-ci & Jojo
True Colours - Kasey Chambers
Good Love - Jodeci 
i'm feenin', i'm feenin' baby
Unbelievable - Craig David
i'm alive, i'm in love, you complete me
Complicated - Nivea 
one day you're standin' in the middle of the road and you don't know where you're goin'
all of a sudden your whole life changed and life finally gives you somethin' back
it's been a mean world without you
With You - Chris Brown
I'm Feeling You - Michelle Branch & Santana
The Real Thing - Gwen Stefani 
 i've seen your face a thousand times, have all your stories memorized
i've kissed your lips a million ways, but I still love to have you around
Forever - Chris Brown

 our relationship was the closest thing to perfect, almost. 
sorry we didn't make it... 

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