Tuesday, October 13, 2009

model shopping.

hey all! so i have an upcoming photoshoot for my major photography assignment which i'm also using for my Summer 09 look book. i'm in search of a boy who has this kind of look. with a little more stubble maybe? hopefully my teacher can get me Mariana for this shoot, if not, please nominate potential girls also. they don't have to be models, i like the natural awkward look. they have to be Sydney based and preferably a size xs-s. also any volunteers to help out on the day (Tuesday 27 Oct), please feel free to email me. this will be an unpaid job, but good for portfolio or resume references. this is how i started off, putting my hand up for styling and wardrobe jobs. look forward to hearing from you.


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su-shii said...

Maie, i'd love to help but i have work :(