Saturday, October 10, 2009

the ebony collection.

studying fashion at TAFE has been a big eye opener, it has expanded my knowledge of the industry and definitely pushed my creative boundaries to a certain extent. i am so close to completing the course, yet i feel so far from where i need to be - career wise. i still don't know what i'm going to do next year, try looking for full time work in the industry or go ahead with establishing the label.
what to do, what to do?!

this was my last assignment for fabrics class. i was quite happy with the 'back to black' design brief and more pleased with the end result. it was more a study on different textures and embellishments using one base colour - black (which is not a colour!). this assignment was again presented in a hard cover book, my teacher thinks i'll go into publishing, which is not a bad idea! i do love books - not reading so much, just the layout and textures of paper. which reminds me, i found an affordable book binder yesterday during my quest to find twin needles. anyway, back to my point which was... i think i am definitely growing as a designer. i do hope i make it into the industry, i'd like to do alot of charity work once and if i get established. i think there's more important things to work towards in life, and if i can do that while doing what i love (which is making a mess in the studio), then all is bliss...


Nicole Tattersall said...

I just adore your use of texture in mood boards!


maie maie said...

hehehe thanks Nicole! =D