Friday, September 4, 2009

miss M is everyWHERE.

yesterdays' shoot was actually held at the Style Stalker's studio, a Sydney label i've never heard of before but am really curious about. up on their wall was the calling cards of Mariana and Samantha Harris. meaning they had shot in that same place i was standing, possibly for their look book, yaaay! i actually asked one of the girls that was their (she might have been a designer?) and yes Mariana will be on their next catalogue so i can't wait for that to come out! i actually did try to visit Mariana's work on Oxford on Wednesday, but i didn't realize shops opened after 10 on that strip, so no luck for me to get a pic with her. but not to worry, as her popularity is growing here in Oz i have found some more pics of her online. and yes she is in the latest Frankie mag, looove! is stalking legal?

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