Friday, June 19, 2009

fashion bailout.

Fashion Bailout photographed by Steven Meisel
Vogue Italia April 2009
Models in order of appearance: Darya Kurovska, Portia Freeman, Eliza Cummins and Elin Svahn
Styling: Karl Templer

i found these pictures while i was wasting time in the library. if you haven't already picked up on the kind of style i like - these last two editorials i've posted pretty much sums it up. hopefully i'll be able to do a shoot in the holidays. now how do i go about hiring an op shop out for a day to shoot in?...


katiecrackernuts said...

Not as hard as you'd think. They're closed half days on Saturdays and most are closed Sundays. Just got to get in good with manager. I just shot a video in one. Wasn't that hard to organise. Salvos were extrememly helpful, 'specially as it helped promote the idea of op shops being cool.
PS: love the new blog header.

maie maie said...

ahh no way! have you posted the video up? i'd love to see it!
do they charge you to use it? i knew you'd have some insight on hring out an op shop! hehehehehe. thanks!