Friday, June 26, 2009

beaute nomade.

Sass & Bide / Supre

Calibre / YD

here's my assignment for our business class. we had to make moodboards for four stores with different demographics. the womenswear had an 'ethnic' theme, while the mens was 'military' inspired. doing this assignment lead me to find different sources for materials other than good ole Spotlight, also i'm now inspired by the Tibetan nomad culture as well as the Peurvian.

i'm playing MJ all day long...


katiecrackernuts said...

Ah, that beautiful pong. Actually, if it smells like it's been worn by, or in the home of a smoker, it's not worth it. You'll never remove the stink. I've had people tell me you can, but honestly, drycleaning might do it if you tell them it's in to remove the stench, but even then, it kinda comes back.
As for the rest, I put lavender oil in my wash, or do a spot scrub under the arms and around waists and other eeeky spots with a paste of bicard soda. Tends to do the trick. If it's polyester, you might find that and a good airing - a couple of days on an outside line will do wonders. Some synthetics, however, do hang on to their stench. Like I said though, if it's smokers stench, you're a goner.
Now, tribal fabrics. I am in love with fabrics from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. And Thailand. There's a place called the Jim Thompson Centre, in Bangkok. I could live there. Google it. The bookstore is to die for. Also Google the Selvedge Bookstore for good resources on ethnic fabrics.

That Fashion Student said...

I love your idea with the pages shaped like a pattern piece! Inspiring!
lot of love from London

Natalie xx

That Fashion Student said...

I love the way you made the pages as block pattern pieces! And your word it set out great! very inspiring!

Love from London
Natalie xx

see you on chictopia!