Thursday, May 28, 2009

nine head figures.

another computing assignment, this time on fashion figure sketches. my muses for this assignment are Lily Donaldson, Mak Weinman and Miranda Kerr. i may need to buy one of those drawing pen thingy-majigies for the Mac. it allows you to create smoother strokes. buy me one please?...


Stompface said...

Pretty pictures! I must learn this computing business.

I think they are called Graphic tablets or something like that. I have wanted one for ages too.

You are more than welcome to use the pics for your fb.


Kelly said...

I've though about buying 9 Heads about a million times!
Do you think it's worth it? Looks to be by the looks of these - they're great.
I want to rely less on reference images!

maie maie said...

thanks girls!
i think i'm enjoying computers the most atm.

Kelly, there's actually a 9Head figure book (im not quite sure what its called it might just be that) but you should check it out. it's more fashion figures than anything, maybe you could incorporate elongated bodies into your work! =) i am yet to achieve that loose sketchy feel in my freelance figures, i find it easier to do on the computer.


Anonymous said...