Wednesday, April 8, 2009

testing, testing 1-2-3...

my cousin came over yesterday to take some photos of my beloved Janome for an assignment. she brought over a couple of lights from uni which we played around with, but couldn't get the settings of the camera quite right. in return i took some photos from my new collection. this was taken on a digital after we gave up on the SLR's. Adobe Lightroom is quite nifty, even though i don't really know how to use it properly. i will be doing a proper shoot when i've made more pieces. and i'm still waiting on my neck tags to come in.

i am officially on holidays from TAFE, a relief if you ask me. things were getting negative and 3 weeks from all that is exactly what i need. one of my friend's had to drop out and won't be joining us next term =(

on the flipside, a devoted Maiden came over today and snatched up the bolero and thistle dress from last season. it looked sooo cute on her! and we discovered that you could wear the dress inside out... genius!

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