Monday, April 27, 2009

Dion Lee.

just got back from my first fashion show... had to be at Elizabeth Bay at 6:30 in the morning to help out with the Dion Lee runway show, which was held at a car park in Kings Cross. it felt so surreal. we didn't really get to do much, but the highlight of the day was probably seeing all the commotion backstage. a few minutes before the show started everyone was scrambling to get one last model dressed, and all the things that could go wrong went wrong. her outfit needed to be altered and then the strap on her shoe broke off. it was so stressful just watching them, but somehow in the end everything fell into place with seconds left. i got the easiest outfits to put on. my model Mariana was so beautiful, i hope i get to work with her on one of my own fashion shows in the future! *wishful thinking* we got to watch rehearsel, and may i say Dion Lee, you are a genius. i would love one of his futuresque blazers in my wardrobe this winter.

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